The Islandhopping Fleet

The Islandhopping Fleet

Our ships have been chosen carefully for you. For our destinations we have restricted ourselves to only  the very best ships. We have perennial contracts with our captains in order to provide maximum quality. Each of our ships has its own charm.

It is not only the accoutrement and quality of the ship that appeals to one but also the harmony and cooperation between captain, crew and tour guides that will help to achieve a delightful atmosphere on board. We attach great importance to the friendliness of the crew and especially to a really good kitchen on board since we will always return hungry from a day full of cycling.

Generally there are defined routes for our ships – to be found in the headings. However, sometimes we will make an exception in case of a full charter.

Ship Categories

Tall Ships

Tall ships are sailing ships with several masts usually rigged with square sails. In contrast to our other ships, tall ships are ocean-going vessels built to travel in rough weather, using sails on most routes. Here, you have the regular opportunity to lend a hand in setting and taking in the sails. The tall ships have been converted according to the newest safety standards, and the cabins are appropriately designed for Islandhopping. The cabins have sufficient room for storing luggage, sleeping (usually in bunk beds) as well as an all-in-one shower/WC. The cabins measure between
5 - 7 sqm. One or the other piece of dinnerware could well be of plastic, and the possibility for lying down on deck is relatively limited, since it is not possible to sunbathe under full sails and on a tilting deck. Nevertheless, these tall ships, too, are first of all your floating lodgings that take you from island to island. The bicycle tours remain the main component of your tour. Comparatively less comfort is compensated by more sailing excitement and an intensive group feeling generated by sharing an adventure. The crew consists of experienced sailors who are not averse to telling a few tall stories while sailing across the waters.
This category includes the Sir Robert Baden Powell, the Atlantis and the Flying Dutchman

Comfort Ships ***
The comfort ships are also vessels that have been converted for Islandhopping and offer a higher standard of comfort in regard to cabins and facilities. The cabins measure 7 - 8 sqm and are furnished with beds at ground level - either two single beds or a double bed - frequently with a cupboard or extra storage space for luggage as well as all-in-one shower/WC. Some of these cabins have an additional bunk for a third person. On the large sundeck, comfortable mats for relaxation and sunbathing are available. The crews, most of which have been working together for many years, will do everything on their charming boats to impress you with warm hospitality.
This category includes the Kapetan Jure, Linda, Tarin and the Panagiota.

Premium Ships ****
As the name implies, the premium ships offer upper level amenities. Since all these yachts have been built for cruises after 2000 - 2009, they have very spacious guest cabins (9 - 12 sqm) as well as a private bathroom with a shower cabin/WC. All cabins are furnished with ground level beds, frequently with an extra bunk for a third person. Some cabins can be supplied with an extra bed to accommodate a fourth person. Comfortable mats and lounge chairs on two decks make relaxing easy. The dining saloons are generously furbished and a perfect space for enjoying the good food.
Here, too, the crews of these proud cruise ships will do their utmost to look after their guests in a warm, cordial way.
This category includes the Romantica, the San Snova as well as the Turkish gullets.

Deluxe Ships *****
Deluxe class - the name says it all, because a very generously designed saloon with high-class furnishings is the perfect ambience for the up-market cuisine served here. Spacious sundecks, a bathing platform at the stern, a whirlpool and even exercise equipment may be included in this category. The guest cabins are elegantly and generously designed (10 - 15 sqm) and, of course, equipped with a spacious bathroom with a shower cabin/WC. These ships even have an enclosed storage space for the bicycles, so that a large number of bikes and E-bikes (Pedelecs) can be taken along. The members of the crew are warm and friendly hosts always concerned about the wellbeing of their guests.
This category includes the Harmonia, the Andela Lora and the Princeza Diana as well as our Turkish boats BB2 and Halis Temel.

First Class Ships ******
The latest category at Islandhopping includes ships of the first class. Very elegant ships of class and style with exquisite décor offer a regenerative atmosphere for greatest comfort. A very generously designed saloon with high-class furnishings is the perfect ambience for the up-market cuisine served here. Choose freely between vegetarian, meat and seafood dishes, prepared skilfully using fresh regenial ingredients. Relax on board the upper deck in comfortable lounge style or recline on the top deck and soack up the warmth of the sun. Enjoy a 360° ocean view from the bubbling comfort of the Whirlpool. The 14 guest cabins are generously designed (14 - 15 sqm) and, of course, equipped with a spacious bathroom with a shower cabin/WC. These ships even have an enclosed storage space for the bicycles, so that a large number of bikes and E-bikes (Pedelecs) can be taken along. The members of the crew are warm and friendly hosts always concerned about the wellbeing of their guests.
This category includes the Melody.

The price differences are based not alone on the category of the ship but also on the economic price level of the specific destination country, such as, to name but a few, harbour fees, taxes, ship building regulations, salaries for the crew and costs of food supplies.

FLYING DUTCHMAN (Tallship) - Scotland

Flying Dutchman

We are happy to introduce the Flying Dutchman of captain Klaas as an open sea two-masted topsail schooner which belongs to the Islandhopping fleet for three years now. Due to the considerable security- and navigation technique, the Flying Dutchman owns the worldwide sailing permit.

More about the Flying Dutchman...

ATLANTIS (Tallship) - Balearic Islands (Spain)

ship atlantis- islandhopping - south funen - baltic sea

From 1905 until the end of the 70s the Atlantis was the Light Vessel Elbe 2/ Mayor Bartels and cruised through the Baltic Sea. Due to the sailing ship like hulk it was prevented from the salvaging. In the beginning of the 80s the lighthouse was replaced with three masts with sailcloth of 750m² and the interior was equipped with comfortable cabins and an elegant saloon.

The unique charm of the Atlantis is due to the caring maintenance of the owner and his crew who already sailed around the world with the boat.  It is always an adventure when the crew sets sail with the help of their guests and when the proud barque is starting to move through the water. In this specific way the journey differs from our other Islandhopping programs with motor boats.

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Sir Robert Baden Powell (Tallship) - Balearic Islands (Spain)

Islandhopping - Our boat Sir Robert Baden Powell

From 2013 on the "Sir Robert Baden Powell" cruises the Balearic islands.
The crew around the capitan and owner Karsten Börner gets you safe from Island to island and coddles you with the tasty meals from the caboose.
On this trip you can not only cycle, if you want, you can help sailing.

More about the ship "Sir Robert Baden Powell"...

KAPETAN JURE (Comfort) - Dalmatia (Croatia)

Island hopping ship Kapetan Jure

In the year 2000 captain Anton started to build the Kapetan Jure. Anton originates from a seafaring family from Krilo near Split. With its 15 cabins the Kapetan Jure offers space for 30 guests. 11 of these cabins are on deck. 10 of these are furnished with two beds arranged side by side, while one cabin has bunk beds. The remaining four cabins are below deck and are furnished with a double bed (140 cm wide) and a berth above. The cabins have simple, but functional equipment. The roomy sun deck is large enough for a relaxing sun bath. And the comfortable saloon offers enough space in order to eat and to spend some time with new friends.

More about the ship Kapetan Jure

LINDA (Comfort) - Kvarner Bay (Croatia)

Ship Linda Island hopping

Captain Damir's Linda was built in 1955 and renovated in 2004/05 to meet the requirements of Islandhopping. The ship is a spacious wooden motor yacht and being 31 metres long and 6 metres wide the MY Linda is among the larger ships in our Croatian fleet. The large saloon can accommodate 32 guests and the middle sundeck is constructed in a way that meals can also be served outside. The ship has 14 cabins: 10 cabins are on deck, 4 are below deck. Captain Damir and his crew look forward to making your vacation an unforgettable one.

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PANAGIOTA (Comfort) - Cyclade Islands & Ionian Islands (Greece)

Ship Panagiota Island hopping

The Panagiota is an affectionately restored two masted motor yacht, which is 19 ft. wide and 75 ft. long. It was built in 1990 and modernized in 2001 in conformity with the requirements of cruising. 6 cabins below deck and 4 cabins above deck are at the guests’s disposal. All cabins are air conditioned and most of them are equipped with a double bed (4,6 ft. wide), one single bed and private shower and toilet. There is room for all guests in the spacious saloon to have their meals, to regenerate or to spend some time with new friends.

More about the ship Panagiota

TARIN (Comfort) - Istria & Kvarner Bay (Croatia)

Ship Tarin Island hopping

With its dark green painted hull and white stripes the Tarin is in each port an eyecatcher from afar. The boat was completed at the beginning of the season in 2004. The furnishings of the cabins attest to the care that captain Nevio put into the building of his ship. Bright wood, curtains at the large windows and the nicely furnitured cabins will immediately make you feel at home on the Tarin. 

More about the ship Tarin

JUNKS (Premium) - Vietnam

The Vietnamese junks have 5 - 9 guest cabins furnished in Far Eastern Style to give off the right Asian flair. All cabins have individually regulated air conditioning. The cabins are located between decks, with doors opening to the outside. The large cabin windows guarantee a good view at all times. Each cabin has its own tiled bathroom with shower and WC.

More about the Vietnamese junks

ROMANTICA (Premium) - Dalmatia (Croatia)

Ship Romantica

Captain Jure's Romantica, one of our newer ships in Croatia, was launched in May 2007. The ship is 32 m long and 7,6 m wide and possesses a solid structural steelwork which, as the name says, connects romance with modern design and functionality . Captain Jure pays a lot of attention to the elegant appearance of his ship. 16 comfortably equipped double cabins with a size of 9 - 10 square meters also offer sufficient area to accommodate larger groups. The generous cabins feature updated decor. The sun deck offers couch mats for sunbathing and relaxing. A feature of the ship is a platform at the tail of the ship, from which you can take a swim in the sea with easy access.

More about the ship Romantica

Leonardo (Premium) - Dalmatia (Croatia)

Islandhopping Dalmatia ship Leonardo

The Leonardo, belonging to the Novaković family, is a boat with heart and soul. It was constructed in 1953 for a private client in Monaco and has been hosting Mediterranean passenger cruises ever since.

In 2007 she received a complete restoration, bringing her colours and elegance back to life without losing her character and nostalgic charm.

More about the Leonardo...

Osman Kurt (Premium) - Turkey & Greece

Ship Osman Kurt

The Osman Kurt is a beautifully designed, 32-meter Gulet made of wood that has been crossing the sea since 2000. It was rebuilt in 2013. Seven comfortably furnished guest cabins can be found on this elegant ship (4 with double beds / 3 with twin beds) situated near the comfortable lounge for your relaxation. All cabins are equipped with a bathroom, a shower / WC and air-conditioning.
Numerous reclining options offer plenty of space on the sun deck in order for you to relax whilst sailing, giving you time to take in the many impressions. The friendly crew does their best to provide you with a trouble free trip.

More about the ship Osman Kurt

SAN SNOVA (Premium) - Dalmatia (Croatia)

ship San Snova Island hopping

San Snova – Dream of Dreams – is the name of this new ship which was launched in spring 2009 and built specifically for Islandhopping cruises. This ship, 31 m long and 8 m wide, combines romantic seafaring with the highest qualifications of a motor sailer used for cruises.
Eleven cabins above deck as well as three cabins below deck are available to Islandhoppers. They are outstanding in their spaciousness and comfortable furnishings. All cabins have their own bathroom with shower and toilet and are equipped with individually controlled air conditioning. The crew of the San Snova is a young, very friendly team who are already looking forward to welcome you on board.

More about the ship San Snova...

HALIS TEMEL (Deluxe) - Turkey & Greece

Ship Halis Temel

The Halis Temel is a new motor yacht of the deluxe category. With a length of 42 meters and a width of 10,5 it owns 11 spacious and air conditioned guest cabins (ca. 14 qm) with a shower cabin and toilet are available. The cabins are also equipped with flat screen televisions. The ship has a large saloon, which consists of partly the restaurant and partly the lounge area. In addition, the Halis Temel has plenty of space for relaxation and on the main deck and upper deck and cozy seating and reclining furniture is available. The upper deck is partly shaded.

PRINCEZA DIANA (Deluxe) - Dalmatia (Croatia)

Islandhopping - Ship Princeza Diana

The Princeza Diana is a 3-mast deluxe class motor yacht that was launched in June 2011. With 40 m in length and 8,50m in width the ship is the largest and most luxurioust boat of our Croatian fleet. 16 guest cabins with 2, 3 or 4 beds and a size of 10 - 14m2 (all with shower/toilet) are at the guests disposal. All cabins as well as the elegant saloon and the spacious deck area are furnished nobly. A platform at the stern offers a comfortable way to get into the sea.

More about the Princeza Diana...

Andela Lora (Deluxe) - Kvarner Bay (Croatia)

Besides the boat Linda the Andela Lora is captain Damir's second boat ready for islandhopping. The boat was launched in spring 2012. This yacht is a really elegant steel construction of the "deluxe category". With its imposing length of more than 40 yards and a breadth of more than 9 yards it is one of the biggest boats of our Croatian fleet. It has 17 spacious cabins available for our guests (14 - 16² yards) – many of them are three- or four-bed cabins with tiled bathrooms and separate showers. Astern the boat is a bathing platform which facilitates easy access to the open sea. A nice saloon on the upper deck of the boat and many deck chairs for sunbathing on each platform make the voyage on the Princeza Lora a very special one.

more about the boat Andela Lora

HARMONIA (Deluxe) - Dalmatia (Croatia)

Islandhopping Ship Harmonia

The Harmonia is the second boat of the family Scherka that enriches our Islandhopping fleet for the season 2013. With a length of 38 m boat and 17 luxurious furnished guest cabins with a size of 128 - 150 sq ft. (12 - 14 qm) including tiled bathrooms with shower cabins/toilet, the
2 masted boat is meeting also the highest expectation. A special room offers the possibility to store and recharge our electric bicycles for the PLUS tours. The saloon and numerous sun mats and beds are at the guest’s disposal. We already look forward to the warm-hearted service of the family Scherka who satisfy all wishes.

More about the ship Harmonia

Melody (First Class) - Dalmatia (Croatia)

Islandhopping Ship Melody

Built in 2014/2015, 42 m long x 8.30 m wide, MY Melody is a ship of class and style. Her exquisite decor and elegant form conjure a regenerative atmosphere for the comfort of small groups of up to 28 people. Eight highly experienced crew members are registered under Captain Pave to cater for the wellbeing of the passengers on board. The upper deck in comfortable lounge style invites to soak up the warmth of the sun. Enjoy a 360° ocean view from the bubbling comfort of the whirlpool.

More about the ship Melody ...