Islandhopping by Boat & Bike
Bike Tour of the Central Greek Aegean - General Map

General Map Central Greek Aegean - 8 days /7 nights, approx. 180 km (112 mi.) by bike

General map bike tour Central Greek Aegean Islandhopping

On a comfortable Turkish gulet and by bicycle we explore the sun islands of the Greek Aegean. The islands are a magical and mythical world filled with historical monuments and an abundance of stories. Come with us on a voyage of discovery and experience the Aegean from a special perspective, namely, by land and by sea. Relax while swimming in idyllic bays, enjoy the fabulous vistas, and walk in the footsteps of a turbulent, glorious past. Let us take you to the ancient Asclipion where Hippocrates, the famous physician, practiced his art. Enjoy the peaceful and lovely island Lipsi and dive into the atmosphere of the holy island Patmos. Get astonished by the unique panoramic views which are of-fered during the cycle tours. This cycling cruise takes place on the same ship and paral-lel to the mountain bike cruise “Central Greek Aegean”. One tour guide takes care of the MTB group while the other leads the hybrid bike tour.